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Are you ready to die?

I have been there once! It was 2018, and we were on our way back to the US from the vacation. On the mid-air, above the ocean, between the continents, I felt strange and decided to hit the restroom. Suddenly I collapsed on the isle. Luckily the crew members were serving food, and they immediately surrounded me. I was obese at that time; they kept asking me questions regarding how I feel. I can hear them, but couldn't reply or move or breath. I couldn't breathe in or breathe out. I had three crew members around me; they fastly removed my shirt buttons and loosened up my belt. By this time, I believe it was probably about 30 seconds; I started to shake, as the breathing was halted! The next few seconds were scary!! I still remember those few seconds. I had flashes, which I never thought about before that incident, and I am positive that it might take a few days for me to realize those things. I do not wish to share all my flashes, but I want to share a few

I do not have life insu…
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Are you a Leader?

I was recently asked to talk about this at a conference. I am sure we all hear about the term leadership since our elementary.
How many of you believe you were/are a leader? When I asked this, pretty much half of the audience raised their hands. -- We will get back to this in a little while.
Now, I asked the audience if they know a leader from 21st Century, boom got several answers within a second. I continued and asked them to tell me a leader from 20th, then 19th, and so on. When I moved to the 18th century, the audience took more time to respond as they couldn't able to remember those leaders within two seconds. Amazing, that over time, we don't talk about the past leaders. Why? Hold this thought -- We will get back to this in a little while.
Who do you think is a leader? I would categorize leaders in these three categories, which are money-based, power-based, and influence-based leaders. In all these three categories, the leaders can be either a positive, negative, or neutral…

Cryptocurrency – Good or Evil?

By now many of you are much familiar with the cryptocurrencies. For starters, Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies (Wikipedia Article), built based on the blockchain  (strong encryption) and used for transactions. Since 2009, bitcoins are widely used in several transactions. How legal are the cryptocurrencies? Are they being used for good purposes? In one of my previous blogs, we have discussed how money can do good or evil (Is Money Good or Evil?)
Few countries strictly ban the usage of Cryptocurrency and US impose a capital gain tax for the cryptocurrency. In the United States, the crypto exchanges (traders) are supposed to report the transactions to the IRS. Currently, the value of bitcoin is ~$8000. See the above Graph for the trend (in US Dollars).
Anything new takes time for everyone to get used to it and the authorities to impose controls. The same applies to the cryptocurrencies. Currently, the controls are not strict, it is hard for the authorities to control and many countr…

What is my Purpose?

Do you know what is your purpose in this World or Galaxy or Universe…? That brings the next question, “Are we supposed to know our purpose?”, Even if we do, “Are we capable of understanding and recognize our true purpose?”… A lot to think, let me take you through a short journey from my perspective.
We always talk about successful people and heroes, but shouldn’t everyone have a purpose? There was this very successful man, who excelled in his trade. One day, an interviewer asked him about his success. He mentioned that his father was a failed businessman and drug addict who didn’t take care of the family and died early. So, the son was determined not to be like his Father and turned his life around. Now, think about it, what was the purpose of his Father??
The perspective differs from person to person. When we study someone (maybe a family member or someone whom we admire or popular personality), we will have different perspectives of their life. There are several influential factors; s…

Do we Time Travel???

At times, we all do time travel in our imagination. Most of us dream about the future, sometimes about the painful past and fewer times about the good times in our past!! Apart from our future and past, do we time travel to a different time period??? Yes, we do! Have you ever thought about the triggering factors in such time travelling??

     From my experience, the masterpieces of human art are one of the most powerful factors that can make us time travel. For example, James Cameron took us to a different world through his masterpiece "Avatar" (2009 Film). The masterpiece sculptures have the same power as well!
     Nature also has the power to make us time travel! In one of my previous blogs, I penned down my time travelling (pausing) experience through this conversational blog!
     The third and most crucial factor is our imagination. Even though imagination plays a vital role in the above two scenarios; those were triggered imaginations and were highly influential eit…

How life gets balanced???

Have you ever seen someone who consistently lives a smooth life?? Even though it all comes down to our perspective towards the life and the flow of life; in a way we all are emotional. It doesn't matter whether one is a believer or atheist! 
     We all know that life is a blend of ups & downs, success & failure, love & hatred, peace & violence and so on. I look into life in terms of numbers! Assume the +ve numbers are the ups and -ve numbers are the downs in our life. ...,-3,-2,-1, 0, 1,2,3,... It is hard for us to stay in the ZERO state.
     From my observation, nature always tries to balance our life. Think about your life!! Your successes and failures, in my language, your +ves and -ves!! You will always see a balance. It is true that there is always a silence before the storm! A downfall before the victory!
     Few years ago, there used to be a man, who never did any good deeds in his life! His life was so complicated than anyone else! When he was a ki…

Why we should avoid Fortune Tellers and Astrologists???

Before we get into the topic, I would like to share a story that I heard from my father. Many years ago there lived a King along with his Queen and the Prince. One day, the Prince heard about a famous astrologist and went to meet him. Prince always wanted to stay single and to serve the people. This astrologist told the Prince that he should get married within a year. Prince immediately thought that the astrologist is bluffing and left the place. To his surprise, he fell in love within few months and got married within a year.
     In few years, the kingdom was under threat due to an invasion from one of the strongest empires. Prince again went to the astrologist. The astrologist told him that he should win the battle in 6 weeks time. Again, the prediction by the astrologist becomes real.
     Prince was really happy and even appointed the astrologist as Astrology Minister in his court. The kingdom was in peace. One day, the Prince asked about his father; the astrologist told hi…