Sunday, July 17, 2011

What do I want????

What do I want?

Have you ever asked this question to yourself??? Most of us did asked this question in several occasions. Do we really know what we want???!!! A mysterious question right?

Rewind your life, remember the occasions when you asked this question to yourself... Most of us immediately answer HAPPINESS right? Think little more specific. When I rewind my life, most of my wishes were circled around money, fame, power,love and pride! Also my expectations were different in different phases of my life.

Its one of the oldest and yet hottest topic in the field of psychology. The need of people varies from generation to generation! The form of needs keep on changing, but the base remains the same! 

Everyone think if their wish is fulfilled that is the ultimate. But the answer is NO!! This is why in olden days psychologists compared human's mind to Monkey. When one wish is fulfilled the other one arises!

Now the next question comes to mind is "Is it healthy to have wishes??" The answer is YES and NO!! It all depends on what you believe and how you see things! Let us do a reverse analysis and let's go with the majority.  Mostly people want happiness and secured life. Look at your surroundings and analyze, who is really happy and secured???? ..... Unarguably it's CHILDREN (~0 to 3). Now think why are they always happy and secured ??? .......

Now do you know WHAT YOU WANT???

Friday, July 1, 2011

Am I traveling???

I'm in a bus and on my way to Delaware. There are different kind of people who travel along with me. I can see happiness in some faces, tiredness in few faces and some don't have any kind of expression looks like they are in balanced state. My neighbor is in deep sleep. I started starring outside.

Everywhere it's green and green:) my heart starts saying HELLO to the trees which passes by. There is a tree in the middle, it's the tallest among all the trees. But but... It is dying.. All the leaves are faded.. Yes, it's in her last days. My heart stopped there and started talking to this tree.

This tree lives here for few centuries. My heart tries to read her thoughts. It seems to be in a very balanced state. My heart starts asking several questions.

Anton : Hey you looks so amazing. You are the tallest one among your friends!

Tree : Ha ha ha!

Anton : Excuse me! Why are you laughing?

Tree. : I know the truth. I only have few hours or few days!

Anton : .... Do you have any last wish?

Tree. : Last wish! Why?

Anton : Didn't you say that you are dying?

Tree. : Yes, my this form is coming to an end.

Anton : what does that mean?

Tree. : In another 100 years I will become the fertilizer and will be utilized by several other trees. Everything changes it's form from one to another.

Anton : ..(I am stunned by the speech of the old tree)

Tree. : why do you humans think you are superior and haave the power to control everything???

Anton : Don't you see the advancements? Are you gonna deny the intellect of people like Einstein, Newton...??

Tree. : Hahaha!!

Anton : Why are you laughing again?-

Tree. : Ok, think logically! Let's assume, if the great Newton comes back to life. Do you think he will be able to operate computers and latest inventions?? That is going to take few years for him to understand all your inventions!! Isn't it?

Anton : Yes!!!

Tree. : Let's talk about you... Do you have control over yourself? Can you change your birth and death??

Anton : No, but the present is in my hands, i can control my present...

Tree. : Hahaha

Anton : !!!

Tree. : It's not in your control. You are controlled by the present. You are just a part of the flow. Sometimes you might reach pleasant shore and sometimes the other way. Be in the flow... In the flow of life.

Anton : It's nice talking to you. Who knows we might meet again in future in different forms:) let us flow in the path of life....

Oh my God. Where am I??? I reached Delaware!!!! I thought I'm still in NY.. Did I really travel??????