Friday, October 14, 2011

How do we operate??

How does a human behave? Have you ever thought about the inputs to a human?- light, sound, touch/feel, smell??? And how are they controlled? -self, God, nature???

One thing is clear that the human system has memory in it. People don't react based on the current inputs. For example, don't you get angry if someone hits you? The answer is Yes and No. No??? -In your memory that opponent might be your baby son!! We cannot predict ones behavior based on current circumstances...

Till date (Oct 14, 2011), nobody knows the capacity of human memory!! Science/Technology will never win the nature, unless it immerse itself into the nature!

Based on several psychological experiments, it is possible that 50% of human behavior is predictable! This probability increases by getting to know more about the particular individual in question.

So many great psychologists in the history tried to take psychology into calculation!! As a result they come up with astrology, horoscope,... People are made to believe in Science/Education. Most of us do and the few left outs become the great innovators!

Now think, how do you operate? What/Which is controlling you??


  1. Mind is controlling us when heart failed/missed to control...and Heart is controlling us when mind failed/missed to control...


  2. @Paulraj: I agree in terms of medical science; But my question is Which/What is simulating your mind/heart???

  3. Very nice, you seems to be a good writer as well