Sunday, April 28, 2013

When does life travel????

     Have you ever thought that, why we all are getting old day by day? Gaining more and more experiences? Facing ups and downs in terms of materialistic and non-materialistic? Having happy and sad moments? Why there is no fast forwarding or rewind buttons in life? Isn't it good to have those buttons in life?

     Some people believe life starts at BIRTH and ends at DEATH, on the other hand few believe there is no end! The form keep on changing but the inner soul has no END! When you think about this in terms of science; YES, the form keep on changing but the energy or power remains the same. Still Science is unable to explain about the soul part! Nature has answers to all our questions... But if we question about nature!!! It opens up new discussion, arguments and threats.

     When you think deeper and deeper about this process; the reality is that we all are in the flow of nature. Somehow we are forced to travel in the flow. Yes, we are the travelers, but who drives our life?? Is that some external force or we??? Whoever it is, the life keep on travelling either knowingly or unknowingly, as the time clock ticks. As the travellers, what are we supposed to do????

     In the history of humans, it is recorded that most of us are running behind Fame, Power, Money, Love, Comfort, recognition and so on in that line of interest. Eventually we keep on spending most of our time in attaining our desires; few wins and others don’t!

     This reminds me a short story, there were two butterflies they fell into a river. The first one was trying to swim hard to fight with the river; on the other hand, the second one simply enjoys the flow of river! In the end, the first one dies sooner in the fight, whereas the second one lives longer and also had a satisfaction that it was helping the river to flow in its direction! The funny thing is the choice is in our hands. We can either choose to fight or we can simply go with the flow of life! How is your travel? Do you flow with the life? Think…

Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to select your Life Partner????

     It's been a long time I penned down something in my blog. I got too busy after my engagement and wedding. Life has become much more beautiful after the arrival of my wife. A small piece of advice to all the bachelors out there; get married! Also be very careful when selecting your life partner; be patient and look around until you find the one. Believe me it took several years for me to find out my better half in this whole world!

     There are couple of factors that you should take into consideration. Everyone has their own expectations; sometimes it might be very funny. First be sure about your top prioritized expectations from your life partner. List them out, sometimes you might need to consider the expectations from your parents too. Just list them all.

     It is not an easy task to come up with this list. I strongly believe marriage is something that is very very important in the life and that is forever. Let me give you some tips on developing this list. When I started preparing   my list, initially it was unrealistic! Do you know why? The first priority was the looks, was expecting someone like a Barbie Doll; second, it comes the status, someone like Bill Gate's daughter and the third expectation was the professional status. But the fact is you cannot expect someone with all these qualities, so think realistic. This is very important, because once you are married both will be having 100% stake on each others life. The truth is the chemistry and compatibility are something which are way beyond beauty, richness and professional status. These can only help in the very beginning to get a comfort level with each other! When life progresses it is all about three most important things, which are LOVE, LOVE and LOVE!

     My recommendation is to have a realistic expectations. Before making wedding decisions, make sure you and your partner should feel 100% compatible with each other. In my case it was arranged come love, my cousin who is a professor found my angel. Then it was the facebook:), which helped us to exchange our expectations, interests and thoughts. We realized both match each others expectations to a great extend. Then, we met and felt for each other! That moment was amazing, it is still in my heart and that moment will always be! That was the time we both realized we are born for each other... Go ahead, list your expectations and find your life partner! Life is short, live it to the fullest!