Friday, June 20, 2014

Is Money Good or Evil???

     Have you ever asked this question? I'm sure, most of you have asked this several times! as I do. What is the root cause of destructive wars? What is the root cause of jealousy? What is the root cause of most of our worries in this world? Don't you think, Money plays a vital role in all these issues? I strongly believe Money is one of the major root cause in all these cases!

    Does that mean Money is Evil? Lets assume Money is evil! But, but.. is it possible to kick this Money away from our lives?! How is that possible? What would I do for living? How would I feed my wife and daughter?! Do I have to go back to Stone Age?! Relocate to a forest and live with nature?... 

     Live with nature.. Isn't that a great idea. Don't you agree people spend millions to pass their vacation at nature friendly locations to have peace and relaxation? Yes, we do.. Imagine our world without money... What would happen to innovations? Who would fund them? If there is no Money, won't that change some of us to become lazy???

     When I think deeper and deeper... Money may neither be a good thing nor a bad thing!! It all depends on our perception and the way we handle it! The problem arises when we start giving importance or value to money! But its very difficult to be neutral with money. History shows us again and again that, the people who are neutral with money are really powerful and leads a happy life... Don't you think we should also try to be neutral when it comes to money??????