Thursday, September 10, 2015

How life gets balanced???

     Have you ever seen someone who consistently lives a smooth life?? Even though it all comes down to our perspective towards the life and the flow of life; in a way we all are emotional. It doesn't matter whether one is a believer or atheist! 

     We all know that life is a blend of ups & downs, success & failure, love & hatred, peace & violence and so on. I look into life in terms of numbers! Assume the +ve numbers are the ups and -ve numbers are the downs in our life. ...,-3,-2,-1, 0, 1,2,3,... It is hard for us to stay in the ZERO state.

     From my observation, nature always tries to balance our life. Think about your life!! Your successes and failures, in my language, your +ves and -ves!! You will always see a balance. It is true that there is always a silence before the storm! A downfall before the victory!

     Few years ago, there used to be a man, who never did any good deeds in his life! His life was so complicated than anyone else! When he was a kid, he gave trouble to his parents, teachers and anyone associated with him. Once married, he got addicted to alcohol and drugs. He was a bad husband and a worst father; in few years, when his child was eight years old, he died out of drug overdosage!

     In this example, do you think his life was balanced??? In few occasions, we come across such people, where either their life is filled with a lot of positives or just negatives!! Why??? In the above-quoted example, this man made a huge impact on his family and surroundings. The people who knew him decided not to get into any addictions; because, they clearly saw what that would cause. Look at him in this angle, he helped a lot of people to live a good life! Doesn't it make him a HERO?? HERO!? It is not just our life. We are part of the bigger picture, and we all contribute towards the greater purpose. Believers say it's God's plan; whereas atheists say it's just the flow of life!

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