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Are you ready to die?

I have been there once! It was 2018, and we were on our way back to the US from the vacation. On the mid-air, above the ocean, between the continents, I felt strange and decided to hit the restroom. Suddenly I collapsed on the isle. Luckily the crew members were serving food, and they immediately surrounded me. I was obese at that time; they kept asking me questions regarding how I feel. I can hear them, but couldn't reply or move or breath. I couldn't breathe in or breathe out. I had three crew members around me; they fastly removed my shirt buttons and loosened up my belt. By this time, I believe it was probably about 30 seconds; I started to shake, as the breathing was halted! The next few seconds were scary!! I still remember those few seconds. I had flashes, which I never thought about before that incident, and I am positive that it might take a few days for me to realize those things. I do not wish to share all my flashes, but I want to share a few I do not have lif