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Are you ready to die?

I have been there once! It was 2018, and we were on our way back to the US from the vacation. On the mid-air, above the ocean, between the continents, I felt strange and decided to hit the restroom. Suddenly I collapsed on the isle. Luckily the crew members were serving food, and they immediately surrounded me. I was obese at that time; they kept asking me questions regarding how I feel. I can hear them, but couldn't reply or move or breath. I couldn't breathe in or breathe out. I had three crew members around me; they fastly removed my shirt buttons and loosened up my belt. By this time, I believe it was probably about 30 seconds; I started to shake, as the breathing was halted! The next few seconds were scary!! I still remember those few seconds. I had flashes, which I never thought about before that incident, and I am positive that it might take a few days for me to realize those things. I do not wish to share all my flashes, but I want to share a few

  1. I do not have life insurance? What will happen to my family? How will they handle all the financial burden (especially mortgage)?
  2. It was always my dream to visit Austria; I remembered how I didn't visit Austria and the picture of beautiful Austrian mountains (I saw that in a postcard when I was in middle school) flashed.
  3. There were three other flashes (more personal, not so relevant to this post)

Now, think about it? Imagine, it was you.. Especially with this COVID-19 situation; will there be any regrets? To keep it simple, I made you a death checklist! Yes, you heard me correct, a death checklist. Do this, take a pen & paper, sit down and imagine, if you get COVID-19 or something similar and your life might end in a short period; are you ready to die? (either way, you won't be able to postpone your death). Just to give you an idea, this is my death checklist

  1. Is my family financially secure?
    1. Life Insurance
    2. Wills (A must; I highly recommend)
  2. Did I hurt or did something against others?
    1. Apology list
    2. Try to be good and kind to others (You can leave money to your family, but will that be enough? No, they need people to support. The more good we do, the better will follow our family and us.)
  3. Your dreams that you have been postponing?
    1. A lifelong passion/dream/goal
    2. List of things (minor goals) that we never tried due to laziness or never pursued

Now, Are you ready to die? Would you feel ready if you get to know you only get a few seconds or minutes or hours? I would suggest you prepare your checklist and ensure everything on that is checked off!


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